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Hewwo! ^-^

Yes, I am new here. I go by "Harpie" but you can call me whatever you want, really. o.o

Lessee... Armand-love has been my favorite character out of VC since Interview, and was half of my obligation to finish Lestat through Memnoch as quickly as possible. xD;

The Vampire Armand is without a doubt my favorite book, though I wasn't exactly sure what to make of the ending, because, you know, it was sad, but it was kinda happy...

Getting back on topic, Marius x Armand is obviously my favorite pairing among the many in the series. (Partly because Marius is my 2nd favorite character, probably.) x3

Mind if I make an icon for the community? Or banners? I want to contribute, but I can't draw and never like my fanfiction. XD
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