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A song..

Copied from one of my earlier entires on my journal..

I just bought the new Dog Fashion Disco cd and I love it!! Of course I knew I would. Come on now!! It's DFD!! Anyways, this cd is a must have. It is called Adultery and all of the songs sound very different from the next reminding me of different scenerios. See, I know that the album is about certain crimes committed and such but no matter what cd or music I am listening to whether I know the meaning or not, I always imagine things in my head... a video if you will... Anyways, I know this certain song I am about to talk about has a truely different meaning but I am currently reading The Vampire Armand and this song reminds me of Armand and Marius' relationship.. If this post is vague or you don't understand me simply feel free to ask... I have been having a weird day and it is hard to put my thought out clearly. I know what I mean, but you might not...k? Rambling again...Anyways, without further or do, I give you the lyrics to the song Adultery, Dog Fashion Disco's new album:

12. Chapter Twelve. Adultery

Show me yours and I'll show you mine dial tone ringin
Connect and on I'm on the hotline and talkin now so shut your mouth
I know just what I want, and that someone's you
Paint brush strokin in the sinful art of lust the picture becomes clear
No time to think twice no time for regret and one thing's for sure
This one's for me

I'm falling in love with the thrill of the kill and at this
Masquerade you're the clown and criminal
I will be the devil in your land of make believe
Tell my how the view is down there on your knees
As you beg and plead knee dep in the hot wax all stuck in the quicksand
Sexual slave you've learned your lessons well don't pause for applause my
Bloody valentine with a slip of en tounge
I'm on the inside snap the neck of self control and it breaks like prison bread straightjacket
Seduction whispers like the voice in your ear

You opened up the flood gates and I'm drowning in your love
Too late to turn back


I have become a danger to myself a danger to myself
Now that I'm in the palm of your hand I have betrayed my family
Commited in sin adultery
And I can't stop now

There, you have the lyrics, now go listen to it. It will make more sense.. I get visuals. ha. You're still here? NO!! Go listen to it. I am not kidding!!:) Then tell me your thoughts..
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