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Greeting Post

Hello, all!

I'm new to this community, and still fairly new to Anne Rice. Her sensual vampiric tales have SO become my latest guilty pleasure. I'm currently in the middle of The Vampire Armand, and very sad because I know that all the slashy goodness is going to end relatively soon. LoL I've always liked Marius, but when I first began reading the Chronicles, I detested Armand. After reading QotD, I really warmed to him, and now he's definitely a favourite character.

And so ends my obligatory newbie rant.

The community seems a little quiet at the moment; perhaps these questions will liven it up a bit:

1) Has anyone listened to the audiobook versions of TVA? I rented the unabridged version read by Jonathan Marosz, and was sorely diappointed. Oh, heavens, it's terrible. Americans with flat, unaffected voices should NOT be allowed to read audiobooks! TVA is such a lush and erotic novel, and I rather think he ruined its splendour. The version read by Alfred Molina is MUCH better, although it's abridged. Thoughts?

2) Can anyone direct me to some quality Marius/Armand fan art? I've scoured the net a few times, but haven't found anything satisfying. Perhaps you veterans may know of a site I missed.

Ciao for now.
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