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[18 Jul 2010|10:01pm]

Armand/Marius love is too precious to let die <3
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Kink Meme [09 Mar 2009|02:41pm]
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Newbie here [11 Apr 2008|12:35am]

[ mood | content ]

Alright, I suppose this is the time for the obligatory newbie post no?
I'm Chelsea, i'm from Australia and i've only been reading Anne Rice since last year.
Of course the first books I read were Interview with a Vampire, The Vampire Lestat and Body Thief. 
Recently I bought and read The Vampire Armand and well, Lestat can get stuffed.
I was really glad to find this community on here, although it's alittle sad that doesnt appear very active at the moment. 
So of course I went back and read everything, and really liked all the stories and such.
I most likely wont post stories alot, or poems or anything.
But i'll still try to post questions and so on, just to keep this place alive. 

Oh and by the way, i'm also a newbie to posting on LJ. ^^;
I went on here for atleast a year, and only got an account recently. And this is my first post to, well, anything.

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Marius fanatic here! [04 Apr 2008|01:12am]


Hey everyone!  I joined LJ 'cause a friend told me she knew some good roleplayers on the communities here.  Anyway, I'm Cassie, and even though Marius is my favorite, I love playing Louis, David, Lestat, Armand, and Claudia.  If anyone ever wants to RP on AIM,  anytime (I stay up some weird hours, doing homework etc.) my AIM is "CassieLovesMarius".  I've only been an Anne Rice fan for about two years but I've read all the books.  Would love to find more Ricean friends to write with, and soon!


x-posted at lestat_louis
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Fic: This Age, Marius/Armand, Chapter 2 [21 May 2007|08:37pm]

Title: This Age
Rating: R
Chapters: 2/2
Characters: Marius, Armand
Description: Armand is living with Marius in this new age. He doesn't quite know himself, and it's up to Marius to help him along. Warning: contains some violent content and strong words.
Please read/review!
(Sorry, this has not been beta-read yet)

Finally, Marius set down the last newspaper and glanced across the room at Armand...Collapse )
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Fic: This Age, Marius/Armand [14 May 2007|03:04am]

Title: This Age
Rating: PG-13
Chapters: 1/?
Characters: Marius, Armand
Description: Armand is living with Marius in this new age. He doesn't quite know himself, and it's up to Marius to help him along.
Please read/review
(warning: this has not been beta-read yet)

Armand sat quietly on the leather sofa across from his maker, Marius.Collapse )
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Hi! [12 Jan 2007|03:42pm]

Hi!I found this community and go crazy...i wish there are friends for some talking about two guys that are sacred to me:Marius,in a very special way he is the most beautiful creature in the world,and Armand.I go mad for this two so i wish we can talk a lot about their wonderful love...i need it.For more reason there are people that didn't understand how beautiful this love is and i go mad for this...So see you!!!
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Hewwo! ^-^ [12 Dec 2006|08:58pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Yes, I am new here. I go by "Harpie" but you can call me whatever you want, really. o.o

Lessee... Armand-love has been my favorite character out of VC since Interview, and was half of my obligation to finish Lestat through Memnoch as quickly as possible. xD;

The Vampire Armand is without a doubt my favorite book, though I wasn't exactly sure what to make of the ending, because, you know, it was sad, but it was kinda happy...

Getting back on topic, Marius x Armand is obviously my favorite pairing among the many in the series. (Partly because Marius is my 2nd favorite character, probably.) x3

Mind if I make an icon for the community? Or banners? I want to contribute, but I can't draw and never like my fanfiction. XD

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[21 Nov 2006|10:59pm]

wow its been a while since anyone has posted to this commuinty. sad because i'm madly in love with the relationship that is Marius and Armand. anyway, i'm new and i was looking through some of the Armand drawings and graphics that people have done, and its uncanny how most of them look like one of my favorite celebrites. take a look under the cut if your curious as to who it might be

Read more...Collapse )
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new member [22 Oct 2006|05:01am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello, everyone. My name is Kara and I have been a fan of Anne Rice's book "The Vampire Armand" for a while now. Armand is my favourite vampire character because of his human age when he was made and his relationship with Marius. Lol. The master/slave idea works for me. ^_<

Anywho, I plan to draw a fanart soon of the two of them. If anyone has any suggestions of how they should be posed or situated, feel free to let me know! =D


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A song.. [20 Sep 2006|02:20pm]

Copied from one of my earlier entires on my journal..

I just bought the new Dog Fashion Disco cd and I love it!! Of course I knew I would. Come on now!! It's DFD!! Anyways, this cd is a must have. It is called Adultery and all of the songs sound very different from the next reminding me of different scenerios. See, I know that the album is about certain crimes committed and such but no matter what cd or music I am listening to whether I know the meaning or not, I always imagine things in my head... a video if you will... Anyways, I know this certain song I am about to talk about has a truely different meaning but I am currently reading The Vampire Armand and this song reminds me of Armand and Marius' relationship.. If this post is vague or you don't understand me simply feel free to ask... I have been having a weird day and it is hard to put my thought out clearly. I know what I mean, but you might not...k? Rambling again...Anyways, without further or do, I give you the lyrics to the song Adultery, Dog Fashion Disco's new album:

12. Chapter Twelve. Adultery

Show me yours and I'll show you mine dial tone ringin
Connect and on I'm on the hotline and talkin now so shut your mouth
I know just what I want, and that someone's you
Paint brush strokin in the sinful art of lust the picture becomes clear
No time to think twice no time for regret and one thing's for sure
This one's for me

I'm falling in love with the thrill of the kill and at this
Masquerade you're the clown and criminal
I will be the devil in your land of make believe
Tell my how the view is down there on your knees
As you beg and plead knee dep in the hot wax all stuck in the quicksand
Sexual slave you've learned your lessons well don't pause for applause my
Bloody valentine with a slip of en tounge
I'm on the inside snap the neck of self control and it breaks like prison bread straightjacket
Seduction whispers like the voice in your ear

You opened up the flood gates and I'm drowning in your love
Too late to turn back


I have become a danger to myself a danger to myself
Now that I'm in the palm of your hand I have betrayed my family
Commited in sin adultery
And I can't stop now

There, you have the lyrics, now go listen to it. It will make more sense.. I get visuals. ha. You're still here? NO!! Go listen to it. I am not kidding!!:) Then tell me your thoughts..
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Hello~ [21 Jul 2006|05:48pm]

'ello there! :3

I was just letting the lovely members of this community know that I've created a community for Marius himself, as it seems there was none and that is just blasphemous. ;_;

For all that are interested, it's cruoretaurum (Latin is a mouthful. ;-;).

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A quote [03 May 2006|10:36am]

[ mood | dorky ]

This community is awfully quiet. Anyway, I just had to post this quote, because it reminds me so much of Marius and Armand, particularly as they approach present day. I'd imagine Armand to be the speaker.

"So I assumed a double part and cried
And heard another's voice cry: "What! Are /you/ here?
Although we were not. I was still the same,
knowing myself yet being someone other--
And he a face still forming; yet the words sufficed
To compel the recognition they proceeded.
And so, compliant to the common wind,
Too strange to eachother for misunderstanding
In concord at this intersection time
Of meeting nowhere, no before and after
we trod the pavement in a dead patrol.
I said: 'The wonder that I feel is easy,
Yet ease is cause of wonder. Therefore speak:
I may not comprehend, may not remember.'"
- Little Gidding lines 97-110, from T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets

T.S. Eliot is rolling over in his grave right now, at having had his poetry compared to a pair of homoerotic pop culture saturated vampires.

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Icons [12 Jan 2006|01:35pm]


Hullo, very long time lurker and a MASSIVE supporter of Marius/Armand. I claimed them in a community on gl *g*


Fangirl moment over. I do have a point to this post. I bring 19 Marius&Armand related icons.



More under the cutCollapse )

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Hey [06 Jan 2006|12:12am]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hey, i'm new to this whole LJ thing and i still not really sure what i'm doing, but i joined your community cos' i am a massive V.C fan and The Vamp Aramndis by far the best book + Character :) hope thats ok xxLhyiarxxx
ps) next time i promise i will talk about the amazing pair themselves :)

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Casting for Marius [23 Oct 2005|11:48am]

[ mood | *shiver* ]

Finally my girlfriend and I have found the perfect casting for Marius de Romanus. His name's Paul Bettany and apart from being married to Labyrinth's Sarah, Jenniffer Connelly, he's been in quite a few films himself. He's actually the lovely Dr. Stephen Maturin in "Master and Commander"!
And Prince William of Orange in Sharpe's Waterloo, which is what these screencapsCollapse ) are from.

Isn't he PRETTY? And isn't he perfect for Marius, once he's let his hair grow? ;) If we had any say in the matter whether to make a Blood&Gold/The Vampire Armand film at all (I wish!) and who to cast, it would be him. :D
What do you think?

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Intro + Fic [11 Sep 2005|06:45pm]

Hello to everyone! My name's Anne and I am so excited I discovered this community. It's also freaky that this community has the same icon as me...I had to do a double-take at the screen (I'm obviously a huge dany & dany fan as well, and that picture is one of my favorites).
I enter bearing a fic-let! It's really short and I originally started writing it in honor of Armand appreciation week, but it turned into an Armand/Marius story. All the usual disclaimers. Enjoy and comment!Read more...Collapse )
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Greeting Post [01 Aug 2005|11:28pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hello, all!

I'm new to this community, and still fairly new to Anne Rice. Her sensual vampiric tales have SO become my latest guilty pleasure. I'm currently in the middle of The Vampire Armand, and very sad because I know that all the slashy goodness is going to end relatively soon. LoL I've always liked Marius, but when I first began reading the Chronicles, I detested Armand. After reading QotD, I really warmed to him, and now he's definitely a favourite character.

And so ends my obligatory newbie rant.

The community seems a little quiet at the moment; perhaps these questions will liven it up a bit:

1) Has anyone listened to the audiobook versions of TVA? I rented the unabridged version read by Jonathan Marosz, and was sorely diappointed. Oh, heavens, it's terrible. Americans with flat, unaffected voices should NOT be allowed to read audiobooks! TVA is such a lush and erotic novel, and I rather think he ruined its splendour. The version read by Alfred Molina is MUCH better, although it's abridged. Thoughts?

2) Can anyone direct me to some quality Marius/Armand fan art? I've scoured the net a few times, but haven't found anything satisfying. Perhaps you veterans may know of a site I missed.

Ciao for now.

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[03 Apr 2005|02:25pm]

I thought this would be of interest to some of you. It's an Anne Rice Forum which a friend of mine has reopened (it was under the name of True Fans of Anne Rice last year but due to money probs she had to shut it down). So if you want a place to discuss Anne and her work check it out.
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FIC: The Vampire Drake [18 Feb 2005|12:22am]

This is a Tim Drake-centric story I wrote for a challenge on the timfinity community. The challenge was to put the third Robin from the Batman universe into another universe.
Well, of course I choose the realm of the Vampire Chronicles, and I included Armand and Marius.
Because I love them best.

Title: The Vampire Drake
Author: bellatrixamici
Author e-mail: a_lil_dramatic@hotmail.com
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None really. It's the Anne Ricean Vampire Chronicles universe.
Summary: Tim Drake awakens in a new world, surrounded by a benevolent group of vampires known as The Coven of the Articulate.
Pairings: Armand/Tim, Marius/Armand (implied)
Comments: Thanks to flounderphil for all his wonderful help and inspiration.
I love feeback, even if it's negative.

The Vampire DrakeCollapse )

x-posted in timfinity, bat_brats
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